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Data Types

Data Types

Data Type:-Data types define the ways to identify the type of data and their associated operations. 

Types of Data Types :-There are 4 types of predefined data types explained as below
1) Scalar Data Types:- A scalar data type is an atomic data type that does not have any  
                                             internal components.
CHAR (fixed length character value between 1 and 32,767 characters)
VARCHAR2 (variable length character value between 1 and 32,767 characters)
NUMBER ( fixed-decimal, floating-decimal or integer values)
BOOLEAN ( logical data type for TRUE FALSE or NULL values)
DATE (stores date and time information)
LONG (character data of variable length)
2) Composite Data Types:- A composite data type is made up of other data types and  
                                                       internal components that can be easily used and manipulated.
Example:- Record, Associate Array, Nested Table and Varray.
3) Reference Data Types: A reference data types holds values, called pointers that designate to other program items or data items.  
Example:- %type, %rowtype
4) Large Object Data Types: A Large Object datatype holds values, called locators, that defines the location of large objects( such as video clips, graphic image) stored out of line.
BFILE (Binary file)
BLOB (Binary large object)
CLOB ( Character large object)
NCLOB( NCHAR type large object)

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