Friday, 9 June 2017

Oracle database upgrade from 11g to 12c

 Oracle upgrade from 11g to 12c 

Oracle upgrade from 11g to 12c :- There are foloowing ways to upgrade
2) Manual Upgrade
3) Export/Import

DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistance):-Following steps need to perform
Note: Following Database versions can be directly upgraded to 12c

    a) Oracle Database 10g (
    b) Oracle Database 11g (
    c) Oracle Database 11g ( or later)

1) Make directory structure & change the ownership
mkdir -p /u01/oracle/product/
chown oracle:oinstall -R /u01/oracle/

2) Login to the Oracle User and Install 12c database software only

3) run the "preupgrd.sql" for pre-upgrade setup


check the log file in path "/opt/oracle/cfgtoollogs/ora11g/preupgrade/" and run the "preupgrade_fixups.sql"

4) run the dbua from Oracle 12c home path

$cd /u01/oracle/product/


5) After completion of DBUA , run the "postupgrade_fixups.sql"

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